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muscat grand mosque tour

muscat grand mosque tour

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The complete name of this glorious design is the “Ruler Qaboos Grand Mosque”, which overwhelms the horizon of Muscat. The mosque is square in shape which encompasses the focal vault with a complete tallness of 50 meters. The 5 minarets characterize the restrictions of the site addressing the 5 mainstays of Islam. The primary minaret is 91.5 meters tall and the others reach up to 45 meters.

The principle petition lobby (musalla) can hold more than 6,500 admirers, and the ladies’ request corridor (musalla) can oblige 750 admirers all at once. The external cleared region in the nurseries can heft around 8,000 admirers; and with an extra usable region for supplication in the inside patio and the passages, making an absolute limit of the mosque up to 20,000 admirers.

The absolute site region of the mosque is 416,000 square meters (102 sections of land) and the complex reaches out to cover an area of 40,000 square meters. This Grand Mosque was introduced by Sultan of Oman in the year 2001 to praise the 30 years of the Sultan’s rule.

Amazing realities of its Design, Interiors and Architecture which will make anybody to visit the Grand Mosque of Muscat. 

Ruler Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat is one of the most wonderful and luxurious present day mosques on the planet. This stupendous notable design in the Arab world required six years to fabricate. The mosque includes a mix of Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Omani engineering styles. Notwithstanding these things there are not many surprising realities in regards to its plan, insides and Architecture that will make anybody to visit this Mosque. We offer you a package of Oman tour to visit the tourist sites in Muscat at affordable prices

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